Denny (Slyder)



My name is Denny MacMillan. 

   My parents started me on piano around the age of 6....but when the beatles came to America in ' focus changed to Guitar.  I Came to Lawrence, Ks in '67 to major in Geology.   My interest in music grew and I changed direction to music.  In 1975 I heard the sound of a pedal steel guitar in a way I'd never heard before.  Sneaky Pete of the Flying Burrito Bros.  played in a style that sounded more like guitar..."Great"  guitar.....Turned out to be pedal steel....not the typical swing style usually associated with the Steel.  His baritone scaling let me to believe he played a 12 String steel....So I ordered one with (3) pedals and six knee levers....It wasn't long before I added (5) more pedals for a B6/E9 tuning.....Sneaky was actually playing an 8-String B6th Tuning.

   I played the Lawrence Ks. area throught the late 60's till the early 80s' with Arnie Johnson, Johnson Shockley, and Billy Spears and in the early days with my own bands........BLT, Thump Theater, and severel others groupings.

    In 1985 I started playing the Kansas City area.....more clubs, and was making a living just playing.  I traveled for a couple of years through the midwest through a booking agent (Ken Summers).  Iwent on playing the Kansas City Area...Ma Bells, Miss Kitty's, Matt Dillons, and the Raytown Bowl......and lots of other places.....

    I played the last 15 years with a group from Emporia  "PrairieFire" the flame of live entertainment died out.


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